SGI Policy

Secur & Secur Network Srl, through continuous recruitment of highly qualified personnel and relentless innovation of tools and technologies, is a company that can offer a wide range of services and products in the field of sustainable events, security contracting, service, facility management and cleaning.

Management is committed to complementing this with continuous technical and operational support that senses and meets the essential needs of all stakeholders, while respecting the principles of sustainability.

To keep this basic principle alive, the company is committed to:

  • Maintain its Integrated Management System (IMS) in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015,UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and UNI ISO 20121:2013 standards and in compliance with international, Community, State and contractual laws;
  • define a dynamic Integrated Management System Manual, on which the revision of this Policy depends, which lays its foundation on the analysis of risks and the entire context, both internal and external, in which the company operates;
  • To establish and constantly monitor the company's objectives through the analysis of established performance indicators; in this regard to date, the company's strategic objectives, aimed at customer satisfaction, are based on the following principles:
    • ✓ Technological innovation related to the services offered,
    • ✓ Competence, seriousness and professionalism of the staff,
    • ✓ Involvement, respect and fulfillment of stakeholder expectations;
    • ✓ Analysis and implementation of corporate and event sustainability performance;
    • ✓ Reduction of risks and impacts associated with event management;
    • ✓ Constant monitoring and prompt handling of Nonconformities and complaints;
    • ✓ Increased performance with potential investors and sponsors as well.
  • select and periodically monitor qualified suppliers, with the aim of offering high quality and environmentally friendly products, and outsource certain business processes with certainty. Giving priority to qualified suppliers, also means providing a social benefit by ensuring the treatment and respect for workers' rights, and responsible products certified or from social cooperatives;
  • ensure special attention to the use of energy and material resources to reduce some of the most obvious effects such as significant direct or indirect impact on the environment (e.g., air pollution, waste generation, consumption of renewable and nonrenewable resources, with a view to mitigating global warming);
  • To spread the culture oriented toward respect for the environment even in the use of particular ecological products. In fact, every interested party with whom the company interacts has a way to increase their sensitivity and make their own the experiences made by replicating them in other events or in everyday life;
  • Managing each event responsibly, starting from the design and planning stages, through its implementation and analyzing the results, with a view to continuous performance improvement and efficiency;
  • consider the consequences that follow from each business activity (legacy), with the goal of having a positive impact on the environment and society;
  • Spreading a culture geared toward recognizing competencies, increasing staff motivation and involvement, and promoting a positive work climate;
  • engage and listen to its customers and end users who are directly affected by the company's activities in order to fulfill and respect their needs;
  • improve communication internally as well as to customers and suppliers considering effective communication as an indispensable support to facilitate processes;
  • consider in every event the principles set forth in its statement of purpose and values, and involve all stakeholders to ensure that they are adhered to;
  • review its management system through the revision of this document and the pursuit of annual goals, for continuous improvement.Management has established this Policy and brings it to the attention of all interested parties so that each person implements it within the scope of his or her duties and responsibilities.