Criminal Investigations

Evidence search for private party protection in criminal trial

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Criminal investigations to support the process

Secur&Secur conducts criminal investigations for both companies and individuals. All information material collected may be used within the criminal proceedings or even just for the assessment of the risks the client incurs in supporting the process.

Fast Investigations

We offer a 24-hour service to adapt to the urgency and timing of criminal proceedings

Professional Service

Our service is carried out by trained personnel who are authorized in advance by the prefecture

Totally Confidential

Our services meet the quality standards imposed by the privacy guarantor


Types of services

  • Elements of evidence for the purpose of defense in criminal trial
  • retrieval of testimonial evidence
  • inspections and reconstruction of sites
  • documentary retrievals
  • reconstruction of the dynamics of events
  • preventive investigations
  • 3D simulation criminal facts

Prefectural license

Our company is authorized by the prefecture of Florence to carry out investigation service

Respect for privacy

Secur & Secur operates with the utmost discretion and by observing all privacy and data processing laws

Regularity documents

We select only qualified personnel to carry out investigative operations