Lightweight temporary fences

Fences ideal for temporarily demarcating a construction site and/or event

Secur & Secur's temporary fencing is used to cordon off construction site areas. The system is ideal for temporarily protecting almost any area, whether it is a storage facility, construction site, or live event. The advantage of these fences is that they can be quickly erected and transported without the need for special machinery. 

It is the ideal solution for securing construction sites, events and areas with temporary boundaries. The fastening system between horizontal and vertical pipe also ensures standards of strength and durability

Easy to transport

The composition and light weight of the fences allow for considerable transport capacity, with no need for forklifts


Fences have among the best expense to fence meters ratio

Quick assembly

To simplify assembly operations, this fence has a convenient assembly system.


Areas of application



Road works


Public demonstrations

Construction sites

Fast storage

Work in progress zones

Sporting events and events in general



Technical characteristics of the fence

  • Fence panel: galvanized steel
  • Fence base: concrete/recycled PVC
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) fence panel: 3.50 x 0.04 x 2.00 m
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) fence panel: 3.50 x 0.04 x 1.20 m
  • Weight: 16KG
  • The temporary securing fence consists of a pre-galvanized tubular frame with 40 mm vertical and 28 mm horizontal profiles
  • The mesh, light-welded to the frame to avoid roughness, consists of Ø 2.9 mm horizontal wires placed at a spacing of 248.2 mm and Ø 2.2 mm vertical wires at a spacing of 110 mm, galvanized to Standard UNI EN 10244-2


Companies we have collaborated with



This product provides the 300 N/m resistance required by the Gabrielli Circular.


This product is composed of materials protected by an industrial invention patent.


The product has the CE marking.

Optional products

Safety joints

For added security, we offer specialized locks that prevent fences from being lifted, as well as for bases, heavy loads, and wind bracing

Pedestrian gate

Allows gates to be opened to allow PEDESTRIANS access, equipped with locking handle, with high visibility pre-galvanized material. The outer width is 1054 mm

Anti-tip reinforcement

Reinforcement system to attribute greater strength to the fence


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