Antinciampo barriers

The safest roadside barriers

A Secur & Secur patent

Reducing the risk of tripping by 91%.

They automatically flatten when tipped over

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Classic roadside barriers are among the elements we are most accustomed to seeing in our cities; their versatility and light weight have certainly benefited the spread of this type of structure.

It is widely believed that roadside barriers are very dangerous, not so much when they are in the raised position, but when they are toppled over, with the bases becoming a real obstacle for both pedestrians and vehicles.  

Our innovation focuses especially on the latter, eliminating their dangerousness without changing their versatility or lightness. 

A Secur & Secur patent

Less space, fewer trucks, less pollution

guarantee lower CO2 emissions


Tests have certified that our road barriers provide a 91.25 percent trip hazard reduction.

Easy to transport

Their composition and weight allow considerable transport capacity given the presence of wheels, without the need for forklifts.

Ease of storage

The footprint of the transenna in the transport position is 0.077 square meters (about 5 times smaller than other types of transenna).


Areas of application

Road Safety

Public demonstrations


Sports events


The technical characteristics
Of the antinciamp barriers

  • 2.00 width
  • 1.10 m height
  • 35mm diameter steel pipe
  • Vertical bars made of 16 mm diameter tube welded at the distance of 12 cm.
  • Quick attachment with two hooks and two side clips.
  • Weight Kg 9.90



This product provides a trip hazard reduction of 91.25 percent


This product is composed of materials protected by an industrial invention patent


The product has the CE marking. It complies with EEC Directive 92/57 D.L.494/96 D.L. 528/99.


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