Employee investigations

Avoid the cost and uncertainty of a trial to one of your employees

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Investigation of your company's employees

Secur&Secur provides businesses with private investigations to provide evidence of illegitimate and harmful business conduct, such as corporate theft, absenteeism, non-compliant use of leave and sick leave, violent behavior, false timekeeping, and criminal prosecutions caused by extralaboratory misconduct.
Through an in-depth investigation, we will provide the final report that will enable us to arrive at dismissal for cause while avoiding the cost and uncertainty of a labor process.


Our service is very fast and allows you to avoid the long process time

Certain costs

Through a package estimate, the company knows what cost to budget for the activity

Authorized Service

Our service is authorized by the prefecture of Florence and the activities carried out are legal in nature


Illicit behaviors that we are able to unveil

  • Corporate infidelity
  • Absenteeism
  • Double work
  • False illness or false injury
  • Corporate theft
  • Incorrect use of leave under Law 104
  • Violent behavior in the workplace
  • False stampings  
  • Criminal proceedings due to extralaboratory misconduct

Prefectural license

Our company is authorized by the prefecture of Florence to carry out investigation service

Respect for privacy

Secur & Secur operates with the utmost discretion and by observing all privacy and data processing laws

Regularity documents

Our company uses qualified personnel to carry out investigation operations